October 11, 2015 by Walter Roberts

Bank of Cardiff Business Loans and Equipment Financing Review

http://www.bankofcardiff.com/products/small-business-working-capital-loans/ | Bank of Cardiff Business Loans and Equipment Financing Reviews are relied upon by 17 million US Small business owners who are turning to daily payment lenders for capital after banks cut back on loans.
As larger banks create a greater divide between who they lend to and what businesses they ignore, it’s plainly obvious that small to medium size business are being marginalised.
As the economy improves and the Dow continues it’s meteoric rise, small business owners still are at a disadvantage when it comes to borrowing.
Bank of Cardiff offers cheap rates and access to large lines of credit, even 0% APR equipment leasing through its vendor programs.
Business owners that are expanding depend on Bank of Cardiff low rate equipment financing and low rate business loans. Bank of Cardiff has thousands of five star reviews online.
Rely on Bank of Cardiff Business Loans and Equipment Financing reviews to make a decision on which loan program works best for your cash flow.

October 11, 2015 by Walter Roberts

Small Business Loans

http://www.fastsbafunding.com Small business loans are a natural indicator for the health of our economy. When those numbers increase, conventional wisdom would indicate this is a trend the USA economy is on an upswing.

Upon closer scrutiny, however, the total dollar amount of loans decreased over billion dollars from June 2012 to June 2013, according to the Wall Street Journal. “Each data point is a notable indicator,” stated Pam Bowen, Public Affairs coordinator for Fast SBA Funding. “The numbers don’t lie, it is the interpretation of those numbers which is important, of course. A 10 percent incraese in lending shows more businesses are confident to take on debt. However, lenders continue to clear bad debt from their books and are low-balling small business owners on the amount they need,” she reported.

Inc Magazine confirms the mixed signals. In a short interview with David Hemmingway, Chief Investment Office of Zions Bancorporation, he reported the banks’ reluctance is due to trepidation on the consumer side and could very well affect entrepreneurs’ abilities to ge their companies off the ground. Small business loans are affected because many entrepreneurs use consumer loans, based on their own personal credit ratings, to finance the early stages of their businesses.

For established or growing companies, not many entrepreneurs use consumer loans to fund their operations. The SBA, with its mountains of paperwork and regulatory hurdles, cause many small business owners to avoid small business loans purely because of the time and headache of applying. This avoidance is understandable, despite the fact that the SBA program has several levels of loan guarantees from their microcredit lines of ,000 up to 0,000 to million for the 7(a) loans and capital loans.

Many small business owners put in an application with their current banker, in hopes the SBA guarantee will solidify the deal. Unfortunately, for many, after months of waiting, a rejection or reduction in the loan amount is the most common outcome. Fast SBA Funding eliminates the long lead time, which is the main stumbling block for entrepreneurs. “Our database screens hundreds of lenders and aligns the small business owner’s profile to a series of lenders of small business loans. This puts the choice, and power, with the business owner instead of the bank. “It reverses the power play for a business owner. Previously, business owners are at a disadvantage and are the ones asking for money. With Fast SBA Lending, the lenders, compete to give you money. Getting a small business loan has never been easier, or faster.”

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