June 29, 2015 by Walter Roberts

How to get small business loans from banks, private lenders and microloan lenders

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This video explains how entrepreneurs can get small business loans. I discuss how to get personal loans that you can put towards your business so that they act as small business personal loans. Additionally, you can get small business loans from banks, private lenders, and microloan lenders. I discuss all three options for how to get business loans in the video.

Additionally, on my fundraising apps, I discuss how to get small business loans in more detail. Here is the Android app that covers how to get small business loans and other forms of fundraising for your business:

And here is the iOS (iPhone and iPad) mobile app that covers how to get small business loans and other forms of fundraising for your business.

I also discuss the different cases where banks loan to companies and when private lenders loan to companies. I also discuss how to get small business loans from banks rather than private lenders and micro loans.

Some of the sites I mention in the video are of course my sites: http://www.problemio.com and http://www.glowingstart.com but I also discuss some business loan websites.

Here are the business loan websites. The first is Lendio. I participate in the Lendio affiliate program. Here is the link to their form for determining if you are eligible to get a loan with their help:

The other sites I mentioned are prosper.com and kiva.org

All these sites are good, but keep in mind, in this video I also discuss that in most cases getting a business loan is not the greatest of ideas. So if you do try to get a loan, be very careful and cautious.

Consider the risk: if you take a personal loan, you will spend all that money on your business. But there is no guarantee that your business will succeed. But the fact that you will need to pay back that loan is in fact guaranteed. It will be easier to spend that money than to get it back. So while having the option to get a small business loan is a good option to have, choose it very carefully.

There are some outspoken individuals like Marc Cuban who say that entrepreneurs should not get a business loan to fund their business. I tend to agree with Marc. I certainly did not get a small business loan to fund my business. But nevertheless, his does not stop many entrepreneurs. And quite frankly, for most people, getting a business loan is the only viable option.

And here is a full article on how to get small business loans:

Here is the government site for loans where you can get a business loan:
http://www.sba.gov and

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    How to get small business loans from banks, private lenders and microloan


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    How to get Small Business Loans from Banks, Private Lenders and Microloan


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    How to get small business loans from banks, priva…:

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