October 12, 2015 by Walter Roberts

Working Capital Loans, Small Business Loans

http://www. mtbeacon.com – Working Capital Loans, Small Business Loans. Simple 1 page application. No Upfront Fees. Fast Cash Working Capital loan For Businesses – High Approval Rate! Don’t shop around and ruin your credit score, let us match you to the right lender and get you the business cash you need fast and easy.

October 12, 2015 by Walter Roberts

Oakland Ca Small Business Loans .com / call (855) 812-2746

Small business loans for Oakland California Businesses with no credit, bad credit and or no collateral.
If you do indeed own a business in Oakland, California, then you may indeed qualify for funding for your business via our special automotive business funding program that is only available to businesses within this industry and those that are based in the Oakland area. This funding is not along the normal lines as you would expect from a bank, but instead we offer something that is much fairer on your business as will now be explained.

You may have noticed that banks are making it harder to get funding, but we do not believe in giving you all of these obstacles to jump over and the first way in which we are different is that we do not exclude you from getting funding even if you have previously had problems with loans elsewhere as we focus more on your business rather than anything that went on before. This means you can apply even if you have a poor credit history and even people that have been registered bankrupt before are able to get funding from our program as our main concern is that your business has a turnover exceeding ,000 a month.

When it comes to paying fees, then there are no hidden fees that are going to have an impact on your cash flow as we do not charge you for applying and nor are there any charges for paying by credit card, so all you need to do is pay and even then we do not work the same as others. What we do is we charge you a small percentage of the money that you make and this is much better than anything banks will offer you because it means that if you are having a tough time and you are making less money you pay us less money.

To qualify for the money you are going to need to show us that you are making more than ,000 a month figure and the best evidence comes in the form of bank statements for the previous three months and also any details on credit card transactions that you may have processed. We then let you know within 24 hours if you have been accepted and if you meet our criteria, then the money can be sitting in your company bank account within 24 hours and clearly this is far better than you will be able to get from your bank since they tend to take days to process everything even if you have been lucky enough to be accepted.

What you then go ahead and do with the money is entirely up to you because only you will know how the funding is able to really benefit your business. The only thing that is left to do is to get in touch either by giving us a call to speak to one of our team or by downloading the application form via our website and fax it to us. Your application will then be assessed and you can look forward to having the money in your account within a day.

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