August 18, 2017 by Walter Roberts

What to Know When Seeking Small Business Loans

Are you interested in going into business for yourself? Are you ready to some research as to what you need to get started? Well there are more options available than people think. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) spoke with Matt Revere of Accion about resources available to people looking to start a business about loans and what you should do to prepare.

August 18, 2017 by Walter Roberts

How to Get a Business Loan

During this webinar you’ll discover how to determine in seconds if you and your clients can immediately qualify for business loans and credit lines.

You’ll learn the 3-step system to determine loan approval qualification, and discover how to determine in less than a minute if you or a client can get a loan… and how much you can get.

You’ll also discover…

How to use the 3 “C”s of lending to determine loan qualification

4 types of funding you and clients can get using your cash flow to qualify

The fastest and easiest way to get money using alternative lenders

How to get up to 0,000 in funding with no collateral and FICO scores as low as 500

How to get approved for long-term loans and credit lines, including Alternative SBA and Venture Capital

What’s really required to get a SBA loan

2 ways to get up to 0,000 using personal credit only to qualify… with no cash flow or collateral requirements

The best way for startups to get over 0,000 in funding

A way to jump-start business credit building while getting 6-figures in funding at the same time

8 types of collateral that can be used to get a business loan or credit lines

A special type of long-term financing available for insurance agents… that few agents even know about

How to get a loan to get equipment even as a startup… and how to use existing equipment to get a loan

The best way to get money even when you have no cash flow, credit, or collateral

And much more…

During this webinar we’ll decode all of the ways available today to get a business loan or credit line. And you’ll discover how you and your clients can get business loans… even when most banks say “no”

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