April 1, 2016 by Walter Roberts

How To Get A Small Business Loan: CreditWise Choice “Click Link Below”


Our mission is to provide business owners the capital to achieve financial credibility resulting in the owner gaining long-term access to funding and wealth. As an affiliate, you will positively impact the survival and success rate of Small Businesses in America.

Key Mistakes Business Owners Make in Funding Their Small Business.
Not building business and financial credibility
Contaminating personal credit and business credit
Investing personal credit and cash into the business without reporting to credit agencies
Using personal credit cards, cash, line of credit, etc. to pay business expenses
Spending money on vendors without building trade credit lines
Creating personal liability by pledging personal assets and not utilizing corporate credit
Not paying your bills on time
Managing credit as a liability vs. a credit asset

CreditWise Loans For Business
“Many entrepreneurs and small to medium size business owners do not know where to go when traditional banks cannot fund their loan requests to start up, expand their businesses or better manage cash flow.”

Today there are approximately 26.5 million small businesses in the United States — and over 92% of these businesses leverage personal credit and business credit in their business. Investment capital and trade credit is the lifeblood of a business and as a result small businesses are dependent on their personal credit score! “The dependency on personal credit is the primary factor of why most small businesses fail.”

92% of ALL businesses mix personal and business credit
50% of businesses fail in the first 3 years due to lack of access to capital

CreditWise Small Business Loan
Most banks and business lending institutions have a 20 item check list that they look at before they ever get to look at your financials.

April 1, 2016 by Walter Roberts

Staples small business loans? Yeah, they got that!

Staples has partnered with Lendio to offer small business loans. Is this a smart addition to Staples stable?

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